The Best Greek Gods From Marvel Comics

The Best Greek Gods From Marvel Comics

If you’re a fan of Greek mythology, then you know about the Olympians. These gods were children of Titan Cronus and had reigned over Earth for millennia.

Throughout their history, the Olympians have faced many difficulties and triumphed. But some deities stand out above all others.

Ajax the Great

Ajax was an acclaimed Greek warrior during the Trojan War. He joined legendary figures in battle, such as Achilles and Diomedes. In addition, Ajax boasted excellent archery skills and was highly effective.

Ajax was a member of the Eternals, an elite group of heroes who used their powers for battle. He possessed immortality, super strength, and an unbeatable weapon known as Death Touch.

As a young man, Ajax was an eager suitor of Helen of Troy. He offered her numerous gifts in exchange for her hand in marriage, but she had other suitors; this led to an intense rivalry between Ajax and his brother Menelaus over Helen’s affections, you can even find a porno parody about this exact subject online.

After his brother’s death, Ajax joined the Trojan War as a leader of the Greek army. He was an arrogant and boastful warrior who enjoyed raiding neighboring lands for livestock and enslaved people.

In the battles of The Iliad, Ajax served primarily as a defensive hero

Shielding both Mycenaean camps and ships and Cassandra’s body from Trojan attacks. He donned a giant shield of seven cowhides covered with bronze plating; miraculously, Ajax remained unharmed during these engagements.

He was one of the few characters on either side of the battles who did not receive much assistance from any of the gods during the conflict. However, he fought alongside other heroes. Despite being alone, he managed to defend the Mycenaean camp and ships against Trojan forces without much difficulty, even engaging Hector twice during battles.

Gabriel Zama’s art is stunning, featuring epic battles and action-packed scenes. There’s much to look at – from page layouts and panel borders to the matches themselves – making this book enjoyable for readers of all ages.

Marvel Comics’ Ajax follows a different path than his Greek counterparts. Yet, he remains an impressive hero with mighty powers rooted in Greek mythology. He proves that even Greek heroes can become corrupted by other forces.


Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty, as well as sexuality. She’s known for her ability to make anyone appear beautiful and desirable – a talent she uses on her own or to assist others in realizing their desires.

Throughout her history, Aphrodite was the subject of many legends and myths. One of her most iconic tales involved a contest between herself, Hera, and Athena to find Greece’s most beautiful woman; Aphrodite emerged victorious and rewarded with Helen, another stunning beauty.

She became an iconic figure in Greek culture as an influential figure. Gods and mortals beloved her for her beauty and devotion to those she served. As such, she earned herself the title of Goddess of Beauty and revered throughout ancient Greece for her affectionate relationship with her subjects.

After an extended absence from her native world, Aphrodite finally returned to Olympia. Unfortunately, a siren named Venus began believing she was Aphrodite during this period.

When she discovered that an impostor was using her Roman name, she became indignant and organized for a centaur to track down and capture them. However, the Agents of Atlas intervened, using their teleportation abilities to rescue both sirens and centaurs and return them safely to Olympus.

Aphrodite is an incredible goddess, capable of lifting 25 tons.

She also wears the Cestus belt, an enchanted belt that allows her to attract love and sexual passion with ease.

She also possesses the power to snare and tame snakes, making her an adept swordswoman who can easily stand up to heroes such as Wolverine or Spider-man.

Aphrodite is an incredible goddess who can protect her subjects at will. Not only that, but she’s also kind and forgiving – making her an excellent person to have around.

Her story is particularly captivating because it explores love and jealousy. But, as a god of romance, she can also be intensely possessive towards some of her followers.

Her jealousy of Hercules is an intriguing aspect of her character. If she appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hercules would have an exciting adversary due to her hatred for Zeus’ son.


Hermes is one of the comic books’ most beloved Greek gods, often seen as Zeus’ divine messenger. However, he also has other roles which set him apart from other deities.

Hermes’ duties as a messenger include the power to appear anywhere and command people or warn them. In addition, he’s an accomplished musician and inventor, making him an essential character within Marvel Universe.

His most prominent role was as the herald for his father, Zeus. Still, he also played an essential role in several significant events. For instance, he was one of many Olympians who helped rescue Venus from Sultan Khorok when held captive in Cassarobia. He also helped Odysseus from Eternal Sersi, a witch who turned him into a pig.

His other notable roles include playing a significant role in the myths of Hercules and Ares. Hermes was also one of the main characters in Aesop’s fable “The Crocodile and the Sheep,” which depicts both heroes battling a baby sheep.

Hermes’ adventures occur in ancient Greece but also appear in modern-day comics.

For example, he traveled to Boston with Wonder Woman when she attempted to stop her mentor from soliciting new worshipers. He later aided Hercules in defeating Mr. Negative and the Inner Demons.

Hermes also influenced the invention of the Alphabet and other tools of human civilization, such as fire and dice. He even invented the first pan pipes – syrinx – a beloved instrument among shepherds.

Hermes also played an essential role as a protector of young gods. He is one of the main characters in Youporn Euripides’ play “Ion,” which recounts how he helped Apollo safeguard his son Dionysus.

Hermes was one of the heroes who stood against Perseus, serving as his herald when the gods visited Earth.


Ares is one of the greatest Greek gods from Marvel Comics and has appeared in multiple stories. As Zeus’ eldest son, Ares has been shunned by many other gods on Mount Olympus but always yearned to serve alongside them.

Ares possesses an uncanny knack for inciting war. He can turn even minor disagreements into vicious passion, which he uses against those who disagree with him.

He is an expert fighter with access to powerful weapons. Depending on its severity, a penetrative wound can heal entirely within minutes or hours.

Another notable characteristic of Ares is his indifference towards anyone. He can manipulate people’s minds and encourage them to commit atrocities such as aerial bombardments, chemical attacks, etc.

Ares’ wicked deeds have resulted in the deaths of many and battles for thousands. This starkly contrasts his brother Poseidon, who displayed much more compassion and protection towards those he shielded.

Ares had a brutal temper, but deep down inside, he still had a kind heart.

He desired to be an excellent father and ensure his children’s well-being.

As a young man, Ares served in the Greek army. Later, however, he joined Norman Osborn’s Avengers team and helped fight off Skrulls before facing off against Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers.

After Captain America: The First Avenger, Ares joined the Mighty Avengers as a pro-registration superhero. He eventually allied with Iron Man and Ms. Marvel to recruit him for their team; additionally, fighting on H.A.M.M.E.R.

Ares has a long and storied history in the Marvel Universe, fighting off forces such as Doctor Doom, Hydra, and more. He is considered one of the most dangerous Olympians. He has had some memorable moments during his time with the Avengers. 

Additionally, he briefly returned during Chaos War in the Dead Avengers storyline; besides, he appeared in the Contest of Champions mobile game, where he was in a battle between Grandmaster and Maestro.

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