Cold Cut Comics Distribution

Cold Cut Comics Distribution

Cold Cut Distribution is the industry’s leading reorder distributor for quality independent comics.

We offer instant reorders on thousands of titles from more than 200 different independent publishers, all at competitive reorder discounts that often match or beat the prices available from other distributors. But more importantly, we have the books in stock in large quantity, available now for immediate delivery – there is no need to wait for back orders which may or may not be filled. Everything from Battle Royale to Johnny under one roof, including T-Shirts, CDs, and other ancillary merchandise!

Prime Catalog 2004 Available!
The all-new COLD CUT PRIME 2004 CATALOG is available! Weighing in at a hefty 112 pages this catalog lists everything currently available from Cold Cut! The Prime Catalog contains:

The “Main Menu” – a line-by-line, alphabetical listing of all merchandise available from Cold Cut (divided into adult and non-adult sections)
Hundreds of books you can’t find anywhere else in our comprehensive “Not Available From Diamond” Section, with dozens of descriptions and illustrations
Goth Comics – An alphabetical listing of our top-selling goth and goth-related items (such as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, Lenore, Serenity Rose, Bear, Emily the Strange, Writhe and Shine, and many more)
Manga Trade Paperbacks – A separate alpabetical list of all manga graphic novels available through Cold Cut (including Viz, Tokyopop, ComicsOne, Gutsoon, and more)
Kid-Friendly Comics – A brief listing of some of the best comic books and graphic novels for younger readers.
T-Shirts and Other Merchandise – A separate list of t-shirts, DVDs, Toys, Compact Discs, and other non-printed merchandise
Regular Cold Cut customers received a copy of the Prime in the mail or in a shipment during April. If you are not a regular Cold Cut customer and would like to receive a printed version of our Catalog, please contact us and we’ll send one to you right away!

Retailers can also download the entire Prime Catalog in PDF format. The catalog is broken up into different sections, and can easily be downloaded from our web site onto your personal computer as PDF-format pages. Text-only versions of many of these sections will be available in the near future.

Retailers can now place orders using Cold Cut’s industry-leading Online Ordering System, featuring a powerful shopping cart and an immense selection of cross-referenced information about the thousands of comics we carry. Easy links and search forms let you find books based on creators, genres, titles, publishers, product types, series, arrival date, even best-seller status and whether the item is available through Diamond or not!

Other advanced features include the ability to upload order files and to view the status of your current backorders. There’s no easier way to order, 24 hours a day, from our constantly-updated inventory. Be sure you get the right item (or the right size of T-shirt) by entering the orders yourself and having our automated system email the order codes to our invoicing system. To access the Online Ordering System, please login from our Retailer Information Page.
To sign up to order online, you must be a current Cold Cut retailer. Just email us, or call us toll free in the USA at 1-866-4-COLD-CUT to get a login and password, and you’re set to go online!

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